The 35th Annual Meeting of the Thai Society for Biotechnology and International Conference (TSB 2023)

“Sustainable Development through Bio-Circular Green (BCG) Economy Model”


Industrial Biotechnology

Health & Wellness

Agricultural and Food Biotechnology

General Biotechnology

Future Biotechnologist Presentations

November 26 – 29, 2023

The Greenery Resort Khao Yai, Khao Yai National Park, Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand

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Plenary Speaker

Sir Gregory P. Winter
(Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, 2018)

MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge, United Kingdom


Prof. Bernd Nidetzky, Dipl.-Ing.Dr.techn.

TU Graz; CSO, Austrian Centre of Industrial Biotechnology

Prof. Pierre Savatier, Ph.D

INSERM Stem Cell and Brain Research Institute, Lyon, France

Prof. Susan Sharfstein, Ph.D.

College of Nanotechnology, Science & Engineering, University at Albany, State University of New York

Keynote Speakers


Prof. Nicole Borth, Ao.Univ.Prof. Dipl.-Ing.

University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, Austria

Prof. Hui-Min David Wang, Ph.D.

Graduate Institute of Biomedical Engineering, NCHU, Taiwan

Prof. Roongroje Thanawongnuwech, Ph.D.

Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

Assoc.Prof.Yoichi Kumada,Ph.D.

Kyoto Institute of Technology

Prof. Chun-Jen Huang, Ph.D.

National Central University, Taiwan

Prof. Supayang Voravuthikunchai, Ph.D.

Prince of Songkla University, Thailand

Prof. Sakamon Devahastin, Ph.D.

King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonbury, Thailand

Assoc.Prof. Kiattawee Choowongkomon, Ph.D.

Kasetsart University, Thailand

Invited Speakers


Assoc. Prof. Prakit Sukyai, Ph.D.

Kasetsart University, Thailand

Assoc. Prof. Varodom Charoensawa, Ph.D.

Mahidol University, Thailand

Assoc. Prof. Kunlaya Somboonwiwat, Ph.D.

Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

Nahrul Hayawin Zainal, Ph.D.

Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB), Malaysia

Prof. Nguyen Hoang Anh, Ph.D.

Vietnam National University of Agriculture, Vietnam

Asst.Prof. Poochit Nonejuie, Ph.D.

Mahidol University, Thailand

Assoc.Prof. Kornsorn Srikulnath, Ph.D.

Kasetsart University, Thailand

 Assoc.Prof. Norhayati Ramli, Ph.D.

University of Putra Malaysia, Malaysia

Prof. Nuttha Thongchul, Ph.D.

Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

Prof. Chatchai Tayapiwatana, Ph.D.

Chiang Mai University, Thailand

Assoc.Prof. Jirawat Yongsawatdigul, Ph.D.

Suranaree University of Technology, Thailand

Prof. Yu-Shen Cheng, Ph.D.

National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, Taiwan

Tsung-Ju (Kevin) Li

Grape King Biotech Institute, Taiwan

Prof. Sherry Moi Meng Ling, Ph.D.

The University of Tokyo, Japan

Prof. Surintorn Boonanuntanasarn, Ph.D.

Suranaree University of Technology, Thailand

Yane-Shih Wang, Ph.D.

Academia Sinica, Taiwan

Special Events



Biocatalysis for BCG Economy

co-organized by VISTEC and BOKU


Vidyasirimedhi Institute of Science and Technology (VISTEC), Thailand


University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, Austria

Plenary Speaker

Biotechnology Research Center, Toyama Prefectural University, Japan

Plenary Speaker

University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, Austria

Plenary Speaker

PTT Global Chemical (PTTGC), Thailand

Biologics Production Platforms

co-organized by UQ and SUT

Plenary Speaker

The University of Queensland, Australia


Suranaree University of Technology (SUT), Thailand

Invited Speakers


Assoc.Prof. Patompon Wongtrakoolgate, Ph.D.

Mahidol University, Thailand

Assoc.Prof. Waranyoo Phoolcharoen, Ph.D.

Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

Asst.Prof. Supannikar Tawinwung, Ph.D.

Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

Lucheon Talk

Thiti Saichau

Sutech Engineering Co., Ltd.


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The authors can choose to submit the manuscripts to SJST Journal. Only manuscripts that meet the journal’s requirement and are first reviewed by TSB Scientific Committee are eligible for journal submission.

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School of Biotechnology
Institute of Agricultural Technology
Suranaree University of Technology (SUT)